Heckmann Building Products is the maker of masonry anchors and ties, along with many other masonry products.  One of Heckmann's most popular product is the Original Pos-I-Tie.  The Pos-I-Tie is a two piece system for attaching Brick and Stone Veneer to various existing backups. It incorporates a barrel-screw piece which allows easy installation using an ordinary drill with a special chuck adapter.

The vital part of the Pos-I-Tie is the neoprene washer that prevents moisture from penetrating the wall.  It does this by sealing the hole created by the tie and sits on the face of the insulation/gypsum board.  The barrel makes a positive contact with the backup wall transferring all compression and tension loads to the backup wall and not to the insulation/gypsum board.

Heckmanns newest product is the Thermal Clip.  The Thermal Clip adds thermal break technology to all of the advantages of the Original Pos-I-Tie.  The snap-on design locks the Thermal Clip to the barrel loop creating a thermal break between the wire tie and the Pos-I-Tie barrel screw.
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Installation Video for the Original Pos-I-Tie including the Thermal Clip
Installation Video for the Original Pos-I-Tie